Sunday, 18 March 2012

St.Patrick's Day Party

Yesterday we and a few friends had a St.Patick's Day Party at our house for the first time. The rules were to wear green clothes and to bring green food and a lot of cheerfulness. A friend who was in a folk band in former times brought her guitar and Irish songs like "Whiskey in the Jar" and so we sang happily and loudly and it was fun the whole evening. Our neighbours even managed to get some Guiness beer, so we had the original drink too.
This is what I wore, I tried different hats and caps but decided to wear none of them at last.

The hat above is from the fleamarket. I found the green brooch on it at another fleamarket one year later and the bow is made from a ribbon that was wrapped around a present.

This hat I found at a fleamarket stall amongst the carnival things for children, but I think it's a real 40's cap. What do you mean?

I like this fancy feather hat, though it is too small for me cause everyone in our family has a really big head. So I never wore it outside. But actually I didn't feel unhappy with it.

Ok! That was my outfit in the end.
Our green food table. I made the spinach gnocchi on the left and to be honest we had red tomato sauce with it and ...
... there was also spaghetti salad with mozzarella balls and sugar peas ...
... selfmade pickled white and brown mushrooms ...
... fruit salad ...
... avocado cream with coconut milk and cream cheese.
My sister made the shamrock muffins.
 And there were some sweets for nephew and niece and other sugar junkies.
And a little bit decoration with a part of my glass collection and green stuff from the garden which was not too much.
It was happy talking, singing, eating, drinking, joking and laughing all night.
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple


  1. Nice outfit! Looks like fun :).

  2. Yay the green yummy food looks amazing!!!
    I just love your beautiful feather hat.
    Happiness to you

  3. I loveeee your outfittt!!! Seems like you had a lot of fun!

  4. You look gorgeous dear! :D Green is so beautiful these times. And the food... you're making me hungry!^^ Have a nice day :)

  5. Looooove the hats, that feather one is stunning. You have some amazing crockery too, your house looks like a great place to have dinner parties :)xxxxx

  6. THANK YOU!!! :) Im so glad!
    What a lovely party you guys had :)
    hugs from sweden!

  7. Looks like an excellent party! I love all the green food and your outfit! Goes wonderfully with your beautiful hair!
    p.s. thanks for the comment :)

  8. Fabulous green outfit - I love the 40s cap especially. What do you do with the avocado in glasses??? Also love your gorgeous bangles. Sarah xxx

    PS Did you know that blogger has put the dreaded Word Verification on your comments? PLEASE remove it - I promise you won't get spam if you don't accept anonymous comments and I will love you LONG TIME!

  9. I'm coming to your house next year! The extent of our St Paddy's Day was our annual visit from Shamus O'Toole (our leprechaun). Every year, we set out our leprechaun trap but never have luck catching him. He makes a mess and leaves gold wrapped Rolos and disappears into the night. This year, my girls left an extra lure - a mug of vanilla vodka - but even that didn't work!


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