Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring spirit

Daffodils are bringing a little spring spirit to my longtime decoration in green. The vases are bottles from organic lemon juice. The other items are mostly fleamarket finds. The three metal things on the first plate are cone-shaped weights from cuckoo clocks. The dresser is a very old one which my grandfather restored. He was a very talented carpenter who restored antique furniture for a lot of people, often owners of castles or mansions.

Have a colourful spring day wherever you live!
(I mean of course autumn day for my followers in New Zealand and Australia) 
Miss Maple


  1. Beautiful! The colors goes so well togather and the flowers... then it's spring for real :)hugs

  2. Seeing lots of daffodils around these parts too. I love the green glass bottles! And that dresser -- gah -- what beautiful work your grandfather did!


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