Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fleamarket finds

On Saturday evening there was a large fleamarket in our town which takes place four times a year.
See my finds!
First I found the romantic white rose brooch which looks as if it's made from ivory but it's surely not.
Then the two yellow ducks made their way into my bag. They're too cute and I think I can decorate them with my yellow china.
The amber-coloured vase from Bohemia was third. I'm fond of Bohemian glass since I found handpainted Bohemian glass at an op-shop. Besides my husband's parents were from Bohemia.A short time later I found the four small shot glasses. They're matching perfectly.
Some other small finds were sun and moon, small wee bottles and corn and asparagus salt shakers.
The green vase beneath the hat has to come with me cause I like glass with nubs and it's hard to find. I'll soon make a post about a part of my glass collection.
But the best find was when I was out and about to leave the market. A stall had some really ugly costumes for carnival for kids. And what did my eyes spot amongst those junk? Can't believe it! A green vintage hat from the forties (?) complete with veil for only 3 €. See the nice brass decorations!
That find made my day. I was absolutely happy and am so today.
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

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