Monday, 10 October 2011

A very sad story

Yesterday I read the book "Before I Say Goodbye". It's about Ruth Picardie, a journalist with baby twins who got breast cancer and died within one year at the age of 33. I was deeply affected by the story of her last months that was reported in e-mails to her friends and their answers and columns for The Observer that Ruth Picardie wrote herself. The book is honest, sometimes funny, very touching and mercilessly ironic. The most terrible thing is that cancer not only destroys your body but also your relationship to your partner as Matt Seaton, her husband, had to admit in the epilogue. He says dying isn't at all peaceful and dignified but cruel, painful and ugly.
What can we do, what can we learn, what can we change? - I'm afraid nothing! Everyone has to live his life as happy or sometimes as sad as it is and has to wait what fate will bring.
I hope that wasn't too depressing and I promise to be more cheerful next time.
Have a colourful day anyway.
Miss Maple

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