Wednesday, 19 October 2011

So many green leaves

Today I'll show you my always growing collection of ceramic leaves. Mostly I found them on flea markets and in thrift stores. Some were also regular bought in shops. But they're hard to find. I've collected them for fifteen years.
 This one I like best. It was the most expensive and cost 16 €.
 This one was regularly bought in Vienna. It's from Christian Tortu.
 This one was a gift from my sister in law.
 This one I found at a flea market in Vienna. And I like it second best.
 There were a lot of these plates in a shop but unfortunately I only bought one.
 A gift from friends who don't like it.
 It's a salad bowl.
 Looks like the leaf of a cabbage.
 Bought at a thrift store for 50 ct.
 Autumn leaves for me.
 A very cheap palm leaf.
 Originally it's the saucer for an orange marmalade pot.
 A salad bowl too.
And again a salad bowl.
 I think this must have been an ashtray. It's from a Viennese flea market.
 I would like to find one like this sometime ...
... or  a pack of antique English plates like these darlings.
Maybe too many green leaves for you. But I use them for salad, fruit or cheese when I have guests. And I like them soooo much!
Have a colourful, green day!
Miss Maple

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  1. Such beautiful leaf plates! I love that style too. Sadly I don't have any myself - I borrowed that one you saw on my baking blog from my Mother, your collection is truly fabulous!


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