Monday, 31 October 2011

My collection of hats

Found that brooch at the flea market yesterday and put it on a hat that I bought three years ago at another flea market. Sorry for the bad picture but I took it myself in front of an old mirror that gives the greyish colour.
 Doing the shopping for next week I found this fantastic green ribbon to enhance hat and brooch.
Here you can see a part of my hat collection, some are made by me, some are from flea markets and one is from Zara. Do you like them?
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple


  1. Darling, Thanks for the comment on my posts. You have a wonderful collection of hats.
    And your blog is great!!!
    Following you. Kisses

  2. Fabulous hats. I love the green one with the ribbon and brooch you put on it.

  3. Hey Pippy and Camelia, thanks for your nice comments on my hats. Unfortunately there are only few women wearing hats today.

  4. Wonderful! Would like to see the rest of your hats!

  5. what a delightful blog! i am a huge fan of everything vintage, and your photos are so whimsical and darling. i really enjoyed browsing... and am your new follower. :) hope to visit again. cheers!
    jasmine :)


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