Thursday, 20 October 2011

Aquarius party

One and a half years ago I went to a friends theme party "Aquarius". After reading in Helle Jorgensens fabulous blog Gooseflesh about her crocheted coral gardens, I decided to go as a crocheted coral reef. Of course I took autumn colours for my coral garden hat, my coral necklace and so on.
 Also I invented a jellyfish ballet and clownfish Nemo is swimming around my skirt.
Get a glimpse of the ocean bed hat.
 Have a colourful and coralful day!
Miss Maple


  1. Very cute and original costume!! Your blog is lovely, very creative!!


  2. Thank you "cakes and shakes" for your sweet comment. Cause it's my first comment I got since I started my blog in early Octobre, it made my day much more brighter.

  3. WoW! What a unique blogg you've got. I truly enjoy it! I love autumn and its colours and I also love the coral hat! :)

  4. so great ... the necklace and the belt in autumn colors...Wonderfull

  5. Thank you, sab, for your lovely comment. I'm honored being commented by you cause I've loved your blog for years and you're so much more creative and better than me.

  6. Wow what fabulous creations you made! Looking wonderful in them!


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